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Neighbourhood Plan

The Parish Council received formal notification that the Cuddington Neighbourhood Area has been agreed by AVDC.  As of 5th April 2018, the Parish is now designated as a Neighbourhood Area, which allows Cuddington to submit a Neighbourhood Development Plan to AVDC for the publicity consultation and an examination to be undertaken.  Please keep informed of the process here.


Results of Village Survey and Update on VALP

An Overview of the Summer Village Survey has been circulated in the November issue of Village Voice and is attached here.

A second Village Consultation is planned to start in December, culminating with an Exhibition early in 2019.  The Neighbourhood Plan Task Groups have now been set up and are collecting information to guide policies on housing, design, parking and the protection and enhancement of green spaces, footpaths and community assets.  The Task Groups will be reporting back early in the New Year.  Please keep an eye on the website/sign up to email alerts to keep informed.  

Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan (VALP)

The Planning Inspector has issued his interim report on VALP.  This can be found on the AVDC website as ED 166:

In order for the Plan to be approved the Inspector has asked AVDC to find locations for additional housing and to amend some of their planning policies.  If major modifications are required to VALP these will be considered in early 2019 and will be subject to further public consultation.  As far as we are aware these changes are not likely to affect the position for Cuddington, but we will keep you informed through Village Voice and the website.  You can also follow progress on the AVDC website shown above.


Feedback please to Rectory Homes proposals for the Allotments

On 18th June in the Bernard Hall, Rectory Homes presented proposals for 7 to 10 homes on the NW corner of the allotment. These were uploaded on the village website and can be viewed here

Whilst Rectory Homes and the Parish Council asked for feedback on the proposals, there has been a limited response so far. The Parish Council are keen to understand the views of as many village residents as possible, so please can you take a few moments to review the proposals and send your comments to

We appreciate that it is a busy time of the year but its really important that we can get as many views as possible. Don’t worry if you can’t send a long response we are keen to get a feel for the general opinion so a simple comment in favour or against is still helpful.

Thank you 

Land Availability Survey for the Cuddington Neighbourhood Plan

Developers, landowners and the wider public are invited to put forward potential development sites (for any use(s)) in order to inform the preparation of the Cuddington Neighbourhood Plan

The survey includes potential sites for uses other than housing, such as employment, retail, and leisure uses.

Please enter the relevant information on the use(s) you consider appropriate for the site, including mixed uses, on the attached form.  

It is important to note that the promotion of land does not mean the site will proceed to a detailed assessment in the Neighbourhood Plan and also does not imply that the Steering Group considers that the site is suitable for development either now or in the future. Potential sites that have been identified will be further tested through the Neighbourhood Plan process including Sustainability Appraisal/ Strategic Environmental Assessment, several stages of public participation and independent examination.

How do I submit sites?

Please complete the sites proforma (attached here) with a site plan with the land clearly shown etched in red and send to:


Post: Cuddington Neighbourhood Plan team, c/o Parish Clerk, Prospect Cottage, The Green, Chearsley, Ayelsbury, Bucks, HP18 0DJ.

Neighbourhood Plan Meeting – Selection of Steering Group

The Agenda for the Neighbourhood Plan Meeting on Wednesday 13th June at 8.30pm in St Nicholas Church can be viewed here.

A reminder that this is an Open Public meeting.  Everyone is invited to attend and residents can join as the plan develops.  Please help spread the word.

Neighbourhood Plan Vision Workshop Presentation and Date of Next Meeting

Thank you to all who attended the Vision Workshop on Wednesday 30th May, and to those who have expressed an interest in getting involved but were unable to make the date.

The presentation by ONeill Homer has been uploaded and is attached here.

The next meeting, which will establish the Steering Group and Task Groups, has been arranged for Wednesday 13th June 2018 in St Nicholas’s Church at the later time of 8.30pm.  Please confirm your attendance by replying to the new email address, set up specifically for the Neighbourhood Plan, by Friday 9th June 2018 indicating if you have a preference for becoming a Steering Group member or Task member of the five key areas:

  1. Design, Environment, Green Infrastructure
  2. Traffic
  3. Housing
  4. Social Infrastructure
  5. Communication/Consultation

A reminder that you can be in more than one Task team and the lead of the Task team has to be a Steering Group member, so that they can report back to the Steering Group.

Please help spread the word about the Neighbourhood Plan and its purpose to create a vision for life in Cuddington in 20 years’ time.

Neighbourhood Plan Meeting – Agenda – Wednesday 30th May

The Agenda for the Neighbourhood Plan Meeting – the Visionary Workshop – is attached below (please click on Agenda).

Agenda – Wednesday 30th May 2018 

A reminder that this meeting will take place between 6-8pm in Ashendon Village Hall (unfortunately the Bernard Hall was unavailable).  

Please come along if you are interested in joining the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group or want to hear more about the Neighbourhood Plan.

Neighbourhood Plan – Vision Meeting – Wednesday 30th May in Ashendon Village Hall

ONeill Homer will be chairing a Vision Meeting for Cuddington’s Neighbourhood Plan this coming Wednesday, 30th May at 6-8pm in Ashendon Village Hall (unfortunately the Bernard Hall was not available).

The first part of the meeting with explain the process and roles i.e who does what.  This will enable a Steering Group to be formed with sub-groups undertaking specific tasks.  The second part of the meeting will be taken up with setting out ideas about the future of Cuddington.  What people like, what could be better / needs improving.  How we see the village developing over the next 20 years or so.  We will also touch on external pressures on the village such as traffic.

The overall aim is to set out principles for the Neighbourhood Plan that can then be circulated throughout the village for feedback.  This then sets the context / objectives for the Plan and the work that follows.

Please come along and hear more.  Please park in the car park at Ashendon Playing Fields (turn left at the bus shelter and then immediately left.)  There is limited car parking at the Village Hall.  The postcode for Ashendon Village Hall is HP18 0HB.

Neighbourhood Plan Update

At the Village Meeting on 18th April questions were raised about the ability of an approved (‘made’) Neighbourhood Plan (NP) to resist challenges from developers promoting housing on land not identified in the NP.

There are two main issues; consistency of the NP with the Districts Local Plan and the availability of enough housing for the next 5 years (called the 5 year land supply).

The NP needs to be consistent with the Local Plan (in our case the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan (VALP)) and it is part of the approval process that this is confirmed.  Therefore, once approved, the NP cannot be challenged on this point provided that the planning authority (currently AVDC) have correctly reviewed the NP.  By employing an independent planning consultant to assist us in the preparation of the NP we will be checking that this process is completed and is legally sound.

The other issue that can invalidate a NP is the availability of housing land.  The planning authority are obliged by law to maintain a housing supply of at least 5 years.  This means that there must be enough approved planning applications to meet the predicted 5-year demand for housing.  Until very recently AVDC did not have a 5-year land supply but they say that they do now.  This will be tested at the forthcoming examination of VALP later this year and we should know by the end of the year if the AVDC figures have been accepted by the Government’s planning inspector.

At the village meeting an example was given of an approved NP in South Oxfordshire that been unable to resist a legal challenge from developers.  It is believed that this was a reference to the Henley NP:-

In this case the District Council had failed to demonstrate even a 3-year housing supply and this meant that developers could argue that there was a need to find additional land for housing and apply for planning approvals on land not identified in the NP.

What this case illustrates (as did the problems with the Haddenham NP) is that in Cuddington we are reliant on AVDC to a) properly check the NP and b) deliver a 5-year land supply.

We are hopeful that the programme for the Cuddington NP will avoid the problems experienced in South Oxfordshire.  Assuming an 18-month timeframe for the NP, by the time we are seeking approval of the NP we should have the benefit of an adopted local plan (VALP) and an agreed 5-year land supply.  This will give us confidence that the Cuddington NP will be able to resist challenges from developers.

Cuddington Neighbourhood Plan

In order to keep informed of the process and receive regular news items, a dedicated Neighbourhood Plan page has been set up on

The Parish Council has received formal notification today (5th April 2018) that the Cuddington Neighbourhood Area has been agreed by AVDC.  The Parish is now designated as a Neighbourhood Area, which allows Cuddington to submit a Neighbourhood Development Plan to AVDC for the publicity consultation and an examination to be undertaken. Please keep informed of the process here.

The presentation at the February meeting from planning consultant Oneill Homer can be viewed here.  The Parish Council is currently seeking a quotation and project plan from Oneill Homer to accompany an application for a grant.

Thank you to all volunteers who have expressed an interest in becoming involved with the Neighbourhood Plan (NHP).  We will keep you informed through the website and by email.

Please get in touch at if you would like to join as a volunteer resident.