To mark Her Majesty the Queen’s 80th birthday, the Fête had a royal theme in 2006 and celebrated all the sights and sounds of the capital city.

The village road signs welcomed visitors to the ‘Royal Borough of Cuddington’.  Dave Speer built a superb replica of Big Ben on the Upper Green, from which authentic clock chimes rang out every quarter of an hour.  The Fête Prince and Princess were transported to the Bernard Hall in a beautiful limousine where the Fête was opened by Bill Heine from BBC Radio Oxford.

Spectators were entertained by a Pearly King and Queen, as well as another ‘king’ in the shape of an Elvis impersonator.  ‘Cuddington Palace’ (a.k.a. Tyringham Hall) threw a garden party, and the children of Cuddington School provided some splendid pictures of Her Majesty and well-known London landmarks for the programme.

Proceeds of £4,259 were distributed to the village.

Thanks to Chris Blumer for the photos in the banner above.