Cuddington | Buckinghamshire

The Bernard Hall

Our village hall is at the heart of Cuddington, and is used for social events, drama, parties and private functions.  The hall has wheelchair access, kitchen facilities and a raised stage.  Tables and chairs for up to 100 people are available.

The Bernard Hall may be hired privately.

Bookings: Zoe Gibson 01844 291349

Daytime hire charge: £7.50 per hour (+ £3 per hour if heating is required)

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Induction Loop System Will Benefit Hearing Aid Users

The Bernard Hall Management Committee and the Village Picture House are delighted to announce that we have installed an induction loop system in the Hall, to make it easier for the hard-of-hearing during films and other events.

The way the system works is as follows: the centre audio channel from our films and stage plays (which carries the actors’ speech) is fed into a special amplifier that drives an electrical current into a loop of cable fitted around the hall.  As the current flows through the cable it “broadcasts” the audio signal throughout the room.  The signal is picked up by a small coil fitted inside most hearing aids and is amplified into high quality sound delivered directly to the ear of the hearing aid user.  To receive the signal, switch your hearing aid to “T” or “Telecoil”.

We believe this new induction loop equipment will be of real benefit to those who wear hearing aids.  The equipment will also work at any events in the hall where microphones are used, such as the Annual Village Meeting, the Church Supper and some concerts.

As with our major upgrade to the hall lighting and acoustics last summer, the majority of the new equipment will be paid for out of the proceeds from the Village Picture House.  Please continue to support the cinema so that we can continue to maintain the hall and its facilities to a high standard.

Markus Bolton
Chairman, Bernard Hall Management Committee

  • There are 16 new ceiling lights and 96 acoustic panels
  • One of the new LED panels being installed
  • Modifying the wiring for the new ceiling lights

Refit for the Bernard Hall

The Bernard Hall is pleased to announce a major upgrade to the lighting and acoustics in the hall, funded by proceeds from the Village Picture House.

All the old, ugly fluorescent tubes and unreliable spot lights have been replaced by state-of-the-art, energy-efficient LED panels in the ceiling.  These panels have a special transparent diffuser to reduce glare and, thanks to some clever electronic circuitry, can be dimmed from either end of the hall.  The lighting above the stage has been doubled and a dedicated ‘tech’ light has been installed at the back of the hall to illuminate the sound and lighting control desks during major drama productions and concerts.

With its solid wood floor and equally hard surfaces on the walls and ceiling, the Bernard Hall has always suffered from very poor acoustics.  Sound would bounce off the hard surfaces and reverberate around the room, reducing the clarity of all speech and making movie dialogue hard to understand.  Now, almost 100 acoustic tiles have been glued to the ceiling in between and around the LED lights, reducing the amount of reverberation by about two thirds.  We expect this to make a huge difference, not just to film soundtracks but to all events in the hall where speech is important such as village meetings, concerts, drama productions and community meals.

Many thanks to Chris Long, the Bernard Hall technical manager, who has funnelled substantial expertise, time and enthusiasm into this project and made the upgrade the success that it is.  The new Picture House season starts on 1st September with the National Theatre Live production of The Deep Blue Sea and we can look forward to a great improvement in sound quality.

Markus Bolton, Chairman


The Village Picture House
– Tickets Now On Sale!

The Bernard Hall Management Committee is delighted to announce that the work to equip our new cinema facilities is now complete and that the Village Picture House web page is now live.

  • High-definition video on a commercial-sized 4.5 metre screen
  • High-fidelity, multi-channel surround sound
  • New upholstered seating with armrests
  • Licensed bar for wine, beer and soft drinks
  • Freshly ground coffee, tea and snacks
  • Refreshments courtesy of Jeyan at Cuddington Stores

We show a range of films including action, drama, sci-fi, children’s and romantic comedy movies, including both recent releases and older films, so hopefully something for everyone.  Tickets for films are priced at just £5 for adults and £4 for under-18s, students and over-60s.

The Village Picture House has scored a significant coup – we are one of just 600 venues in the UK (and one of only a few village halls) licensed to show live and pre-recorded screenings of National Theatre productions.  These events have been hugely successful and attract sell-out audiences in large venues across the UK and around the world.  National Theatre prices are set at £10 per person, the lowest price we are allowed to charge under the terms of our contract.

You can buy tickets at Cuddington Stores (cash only, please) or book online using PayPal, a debit or credit card.  There are only seventy seats per night, and many events sell out quickly.  Book early!  To make sure that you receive priority email updates about new Village Picture House screenings:
  - Sign in to the village website
  - Click the ‘Your Preferences’ tab
  - Tick the box labelled Village Picture House
  - Click the ‘Submit’ button at the foot of the screen

Many thanks to AVDC Community Chest, a partnership with Vale of Aylesbury Housing, for providing nearly half of the funding for this project.  It would have been really difficult without them.

Markus Bolton

The new kitchen in use for the Christmas Fayre 

New Kitchen Opens

The first day of October was an appropriate date to celebrate the opening of the Bernard Hall’s new kitchen.  This large and bright addition to the building was put to good use on its first “outing” when about a hundred villagers sat down to a candle-lit supper and wine tasting.

The new kitchen was opened on time and on budget, around £60,000, with grants from WREN and Aylesbury Vale District Council.  The chairman of the hall management committee, Markus Bolton, said that there was still £2,000 to raise, but the wine tasting evening contributed significantly to this shortfall.