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Cuddington Bellringers

Cuddington Church Tower has eight bells which are rung every Sunday morning from 9.30 am for a 10 am service. The friendly band of bellringers practise on Fridays from 7.30 - 9 pm and this is usually followed by a theory session in The Crown. Visiting bellringers are very welcome to join us.


Royal Wedding Peal

Bells were rung in many villages, towns and cities this weekend to celebrate the Royal Wedding.  In Cuddington a full peal of Stedman Triples was rung.  It took about 2 hours 45 minutes to ring all the 5,040 changes.  We hope you enjoyed the ringing!

Listen to a short clip of the ringing here

Muffled Bellringing

Cuddington bells will be rung half-muffled this evening (7 pm)  in memory of John Keates, formerly Tower Captain/Ringing Master at Haddenham, who passed away after a long illness on 24th March 2018.  His funeral is tomorrow.

From the early 1990s until he became unwell, John was a was a very regular ringer at Cuddington sharing his expertise, encouraging and helping build the band.  He gave practical help when the bells were restored at the millennium.

War Dead Commemorated

The ringing on Sunday afternoon was dedicated to those killed in WW1, particularly Cpl. Fred Vine RAMC who was killed on 26th February 1918 when the ship he was on, HMS Glenart Castle, was attacked by a German U-boat off Lundy Island in the Bristol Channel.  He is commemorated on the war memorial in the churchyard.  There is also a memorial at Hartland Point.

Birthday Bellringing

Celebrating a significant birthday today, tower captain Caroline Stonham will be ringing the bells at midday.  Her mother, daughter, sister, brother and husband will be ringing with her.

Bellringing for Freya

The bellringing this afternoon (5 to 6 pm) is dedicated to Freya Cox following the service of thanksgiving yesterday afternoon in Cuddington church.

Bellringing Saturday 13th January

This afternoon (2.30 to 4.00) we welcome ringers from a number of towers across Aylesbury Vale for their monthly branch meeting. We hope you like the ringing.

Bellringing Sunday 22nd October

This afternoon we welcome young bellringers who are training to represent our diocese in the National Youth Contest next year.  We wish them well and hope you enjoy their ringing.

Visiting Bell Ringers Saturday 3rd June

At 2 o'clock this afternoon, 3rd June, we welcome visiting ringers from Chelsea Old Church, London. We hope you enjoy the ringing.

Ringing World National Youth Contest


The  Ringing World National Youth Contest for bellringers aged under 19 is to be held this summer in Birmingham.  In preparation for this young bellringers from the Oxford Diocese will taking part in a training session at St. Nicholas Cuddington this Sunday afternoon from 2.00 to 4.00pm.  We wish them well in Birmingham.

Wednesday: Special Peal on Cuddington Bells

Tomorrow morning (Wednesday 4th) ringers will attempt to ring a full peal of Bristol Surprise Major. This pattern of changes is known for its complexity and produces very good musical sequences, which we hope you will enjoy .

Ringing is planned to start soon after 10.00 at end about 1.00. 

Bellringing on Saturday 24th September

The bells will be ringing this Saturday afternoon (2 to 3.30) as we welcome ringers from across Bucks, Berks and Oxon for a special training event.


Bellringing Open Morning: Saturday 10th

Bellringing Open Morning

Saturday 10th September 10.30 – 12 noon.

Drop in Session to see the bells, discover how bells are rung and learn more about this fascinating activity.

If you have learnt to bellring in the past you will be surprised how easy it is to pick up again. 

All ages welcome.

Caroline and James Stonham


Wedding Bells

On Saturday William Stonham of Holyman’s Farmhouse and Isobel Englert were married at St Helen’s Bishopsgate, London.  Special ringing has been arranged to celebrate and this evening (2nd August) family and friends will be ringing a peal of 2016 changes on Cuddington bells.


Bellringing for The Queen’s Birthday

On Thursday afternoon (21 April) a specially arranged full peal will be rung on the church bells to celebrate The Queen’s 90th birthday.  Ringing will start at about 2.30 and the peal should be completed soon after 5.00.

We hope you enjoy the ringing.


Special Bellringing for The Queen

Church bells will ring out across Britain this week as the Queen becomes Britain’s longest serving reigning monarch.  Cuddington bells will be no exception.  A full peal to mark this historic occasion will be rung on Saturday 12th September starting at 9.30am.  It is expected to last nearly three hours.

We hope you enjoy the bellringing. 


Ringing World National Youth Contest


The Fourth Ringing World National Youth Contest for bellringers aged under 19 is to be held this summer in Oxford. In preparation for this young bellringers from the Oxford Diocese will be practising at St. Nicholas Cuddington this Sunday afternoon from 2.00 to 4.00pm.  The standard will be excellent.  We wish them well in Oxford.

  • Felmersham
  • Lunchtime break
  • Others in the garden
  • Navy and white stripes!
  • At Lavendon Church

Annual Outing

On Saturday 15th June bellringing friends from neighbouring towers joined us on our annual Outing. This year we visited villages in north Bucks and Bedfordshire, including the parish of Odell where Christine Clark, formerly of Lower Farm, is now the vicar. The majority of us cycled and enjoyed a leisurely lunch at The Cock in Pavenham before ringing at the heaviest bells of the day at Felmersham. One cloudburst in the afternoon caused a flurry of cagoules before tea at Turvey and then we visited the Rose and Crown for a delicious evening meal before heading home.

Visiting Bellringers Saturday 11th May

We are pleased to welcome  ringers from Daventry who will be ringing our bells from 9.45 to 10.30 a.m. They are visiting villages associated with Midsomer Murders!

  • The Peal Band

Peal: Bristol Surprise Major

Oxford Diocesan Guild

Cuddington, Bucks
St Nicholas
Saturday, 19 January 2013 in 2Hrs 47Mins (9-2-03)
5024 Bristol Surprise Major
Composed by S J Ivin
1 Caroline B Stonham
2 Julie A Haseldine
3 Edgar T Skipsey
4 Christopher M Mundy
5 Jeremy R Pratt
6 James M Stonham
7 Andrew Haseldine (C)
8 James A Haseldine
With the best wishes of the band to James Stonham, on his 60th birthday.
First Bristol - 6.
400th peal together - 2 & 8.


Ted Ferris 1920 - 2012

For as long as anyone can remember Ted was a member of the Bellringing band at Cuddington.  With Ron Hooper, Ron Tomes, Derek Miller, Will Warner and Will Woodford as Tower Captain he rang the six bells for services in the 1960s and 1970s.  When there were no bellringers, he chimed 3 bells on a Sunday; one in each hand and one using his foot!  When Caroline and James Stonham arrived he helped with recruitment and with the building of the ringing gallery at the west end of the church.  He loved visiting other places on our annual bellringing outings and was well known in the locality for his cheerful manner and words of encouragement especially to younger bellringers.  He was keen supporter of the project to rehang the old 6 bells and add two additional ones to make a full octave for the Millennium.  This also meant they became easier for him and others to continue to ring well into their 80s.  He was a member of the Oxford Diocesan Guild for over 50 years and was elected and honorary life member Guild in 2008.  A quarter peal was rung half muffled in his memory on the Sunday immediately after his passing and Bellringers from many the local churches attended his memorial service on 19th December.


All The Bells

Cuddington’s bellringers rang the bells of St. Nicholas’ Church for three minutes from 8.12 on Friday 27th July to mark the start of the London Olympic Games.

This project is part of the Cultural Olympiad and aimed to get as many local groups as possible involved in ringing bells at the same time.

For more information visit

The original Warner 6 bells in 1998 

The History of Cuddington Bells

On 23rd July 1552, Cuddington is noted to have 3 bells and a little bell hanging in the steeple. In 1714 the tower is noted to have 5 bells the details of which are recorded to be:

Treble - 1612, WC, SW - initials stand for William Yare of the original Reading Foundry

2nd - Ave Maria - Wokingham Foundry (15th century)

3rd - 1610 - also Reading Foundry

4th - Sancta Maria ora Pro Nobis - also Wokingham Foundry (15th century)

5th - 1610 - weighed 8cwt, 1qr, 14lbs - Note Ab - cracked - also Reading foundry

It is thought that the 2nd and 4th made up the ancient ring of three, the middle bell being recast in 1610 with the addition of the tenor. The treble was then added two years later.

On Sunday 13th July 1879 a 17yr old named Ward unbalanced the tenor (which was up) whilst mending a rope and was killed.

6 bells were  cast in 1884 by John Warner to replace the old 5. They were commissioned by Henry Boddington esq. of the Cove, Silverdale, Carnforth connected with Boddington breweries and whose ancestors lived in the Mill in the village. A service of dedication was held on October 30th 1884. These bells rang out over the village for 115 years with little alterations.

In 1998 a millennium project was introduced to re-hang the 6 bells and add 2 new trebles, to bring the ring up to 8. An appeal was launched in the village and the £35,000 was raised from village donations and grants. The bells were removed late this year and put back in, with the two new bells in the spring of 1999 ready for the millennium. The project was done by Whites of Appleton, bellhangers and the two trebles cast at Whitechapel.

In 2003 the 7th and tenor which were thin and underweight for the peal, were recast by Whitechapel and brought the weight to a respectable 9cwt.

Could I become a ringer?

Bellringing is a fascinating activity that can take a short while to master and then give you an opportunity to visit amazing places, a great mental workout, a team activity and provide a service to the community. Ringers come from all walks of life and range in age from 10 to those in their 80's.

"If you can ride a bicycle, you can ring!"

"Being able to count is all the maths needed and you can become a very good ringer knowing nothing about music"

"When I'm ringing I forget all the tensions and frustrations of the day."


The Details of Cuddington Bells



Date Cast




(Cwts - Qrs - Lbs)


(apart from date cast)


3' - 1⅜''



Whites of Appleton


9 - 2 - 03

Cast 1884

Revd James Mansel Price M.A. - Vicar

Thomas Bishop & John Guy Dover - Churchwardens

Recast 2003


2' - 9⅜''



Whites of Appleton


7 - 0 - 03

For the honour of God and the use of this church these six bells were raised A.D. 1884 by Henry Boddington whose ancestors lived in this parish for many years

Recast 2003


2' - 6½''


John Warner 

and Sons


5 - 0 - 04



2' - 4⅝''


John Warner 

and Sons


4 - 0 - 03



2' - 3''


John Warner 

and Sons


3 - 2 - 06



2' - 2''


John Warner 

and Sons


3 - 1 - 17



1' - 11¾''



Whites of Appleton


3 - 0 - 00

James and Elsie Frost gave me in thanks for 35 years of marriage and daughters Helen and Anthea


1' - 11½''



Whites of Appleton


2 - 3 - 17

I ring in memory of Betty Payne a friend to the village for 43 years

Headstock inscriptions

3rd  - This bell was re-hung with new fittings given by Margaret Woodgate and Helen Griffin in memory of their parents Donald Arthur Griffin (churchwarden 1964-1971) and Helen Mary Griffin who also worshipped at this church and of their sister Muriel Ann Taylor.

6th - This bell was re-hung with new fittings in memory of Ruby Small (1907 - 1994). Lifelong inhabitant of this village who initiated the Sunrise Walk. Friend and helper to all.

7th - This bell was re-hung with new fittings given by Richard and Jill West residents of Cuddington Mill where Henry Boddington once lived.

8th - These bells were tuned, re-hung with new fittings and augmented by the bellringers and people of this village with the help of various grants. A millennium project supported by funds from the National Lottery. Reverend Christopher Denham B.A., M.A. (Oxon) - Vicar, Nan Cattell and James Stonham - Churchwardens. Let us praise God together.


Cuddington is in the Central Bucks Branch of the Oxford Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers

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