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Boules Club

The Cuddington Boules Club was taken over by the CPFA in 2014.

Boules may be borrowed from the Club: please ring a key holder giving at least 24 hours' notice.  Four picnic benches are available for use also.  Key holders (to the small shed nearest the Clubhouse):
Amanda Ward  01844 290398      Joyce Parry  01844 292720


Boules Match an Honourable Draw!

After some last-minute fears about unfavourable weather, the skies cleared a little and this year’s winter boules match against Chearsley went ahead as planned.

The main match finished in a draw, with both Cuddington and Chearsley winning four games each.  Team captains Ken and Nic then decided to play one final, short game for charity, with one team from each village, each team consisting of one man, one woman and one child.  The winner being the first team to 9 points.  Cuddington were losing by 7 points to 8, but then managed to sneak a victory with the last ball of the game.  The game raised exactly £100, which will be donated to Action 4 Youth.

This time Chearsley had kindly offered to provide the food, and Nic and Venetia laid on some delicious leek and potato soup, chicken drumsticks, cheese and biscuits, accompanied by some equally delicious mulled wine.

Steve Fox recorded Ken and Nic’s closing remarks for Red Kite Radio.


Winter Boules Match on 3rd December

The weather was kind on Sunday morning, with even a bit of sun appearing later.  However, the clement weather did not help the Cuddington players, who were decisively beaten by the Chearsley team, despite fighting hard!

It was really good fun and enabled everyone from 9 to ‘very mature ages’ to participate.

Many thanks go to Nic Brown and his Chearsley colleagues for organising the delicious soup, gluwein, cheese, paté and super cakes. 

As with the previous events, it demonstrates the value of having the opportunity for people of all ages and from neighbouring villages to get together and have some fun.

Such was the success that everyone agreed that there would be another event during the Spring/Summer of 2018.

Ken Birkby

  • The winning team!

Boules Match Cuddington v. Chearsley

Cuddington challenged Chearsley to a Boules competition at the Playing Fields this morning.  The match was a re-run of a similar one a few years ago, which Cuddington won decisively.  This year, however, the tables were turned as the visitors beat Cuddington by five games to three.

After the match, Cuddington captain Ken Birkby congratulated the winning team and called for three cheers for them.  In return Chearsley captain and Parish Council chairman Nic Brown thanked Cuddington for being great sportsmen and for putting on such a great day.

Here’s how Red Kite Radio reported the event

Boules Games in Cuddington

Sunday mornings at 11am

Wednesday evenings at 7pm

You are welcome to come at these times – to see if there is a quorum to play.

Boules can be played with different numbers of players.

The equipment is stored in the cupboard at the Playing Fields – ring Ken (292921) or Stephen (291312) for the numbers for the combination lock.

Boules Back In Play

Should anyone wish to try their hand at this ‘sport’ or return for more humiliation, a few people will now be playing on Wednesday evenings, starting 10th June from 7pm onwards, during the summer.

Now the weather is warming up and the evenings are longer we hope to see some old and new faces, who fancy a very informal game and with the Clubhouse open at 8pm there’s the added attraction of a drink during/after play!

The Boule facility is free and open for anyone to use, anytime and the CPFA have a number of sets of Boules which can be borrowed by contacting either myself Amanda Ward 290398 or Joyce Parry 292720, for a key to the shed.

Picnic tables are also available if you wish to play with a group of friends!

I look forward to seeing you anytime over the summer!

Amanda Ward

Borrow Boules

The Boules Club has been taken over by the CPFA.  Boules may be borrowed from the Club: please ring a key holder giving at least 24 hours’ notice.  Four picnic benches are available for use also.

Key holders (to the small shed nearest to the Clubhouse):
   Amanda Ward  01844 290398
   Joyce Parry  01844 292720

Publicity for Cuddington’s Boules Piste

This article appeared in the current edition of The Playing Field – the newsletter of the Bucks Playing Fields Assoc, who donated £750 (their maximum grant) towards the Boules piste.