Community Impact Bucks has set up this service in association with AF Affinity Ltd, to help reduce the cost of your domestic heating oil each time you place an order.  By bringing communities throughout Buckinghamshire and beyond together, and making the most of joint buying power, they can make huge savings on the purchase price of heating oil.

The environment benefits as well.  Every time a tanker comes out to make a delivery, it is using a lot of diesel – a full tanker can get as little as 8 miles per gallon.  If deliveries are organised so that one tanker delivers to several customers in a village instead of making lots of individual deliveries, the fuel consumption is reduced and so is traffic in the village.

Each month, the orders from every scheme member requiring oil are collated, and the buyers at AF Affinity seek quotations from every local oil supplier and negotiate the best possible price.  The monthly order deadline dates are shown in the Calendar.

All you need to do to take advantage of the service is to pay an annual membership fee.  The annual membership fee is £24, which will cover as many oil orders as you need for a year.  You will almost certainly save more than £24 with your first order!

Community Impact Bucks
6 Centre Parade, Place Farm Way,
Monks Risborough, HP27 9JS

Tel: 01844 348832

If you’re interested in joining the scheme and saving money on your fuel oil, please contact the scheme coordinator for Cuddington, Chearsley and Upper Winchendon – Chris Long – on 291153 for more details.

Download an information leaflet

Download the membership application form