Cuddington | Buckinghamshire

Cuddington Allotment Society

Cuddington Allotment Society was formed in 1921 by a group of villagers who purchased some 16 acres of land from Sir Nathaniel Rothschild of Tring Park the following year.

The Society continues to be run by its Trustees who manage the land and encourage its use by fellow villagers who, in turn, pay rents, thus making it self-sustaining.


Break-In to Allotment Sheds

Several of the sheds on the allotments have recently been broken into.  A petrol can, tools and a calor gas burner were left on the ground near the footpath through that end of the allotments.

Allotment holders – and indeed all garden shed owners – are advised to ensure that their sheds are secure, and to consider removing any valuable equipment.


How to Apply for an Allotment

How much will it cost?

The cost of a typical allotment of size 5 square poles (approximately 126 square metres) is £10 per annum.  Payment is made in two instalments, due on 25th March and 29th September.

How do I apply?

Please apply in writing to:
  Sandra Hill
  Secretary, Cuddington Allotment Society
  13 Hillside Cottages
  HP18 0AQ

Please note that the spare land for new allotments is grassland and needs a deal of preparation before it can be used as an allotment.  The best time to apply for a plot is therefore in the autumn, so that a new plot can be prepared for you for occupation in the spring.