Cuddington | Buckinghamshire

Women’s Institute

The W.I. meets in the Playing Fields Clubhouse on the second Tuesday of each month at 2.30pm.

We are a small but active and very friendly W.I.  The first half hour or so of each meeting comes under the heading "business".  This covers minutes, looking at the monthly Bucks NFWI magazine which gives information on the many and varied activities both in Bucks and Nationally, and a general exchange of info that affects our members.

This is followed by our speaker, chosen by our committee to entertain us in all kinds of different ways. (See  calendar for speakers.)

Finally we all have tea and biscuits (at Christmas time a lot more than biscuits!) and we usually go home around 5 o'clock.

We are always looking for new members to join us, which can be arranged at any time of year although the normal subscription goes from January to December.

In addition if anyone would like to come and join us for one meeting, perhaps they have an interest in a particular speaker for example, this can be arranged for a small fee which we will pass on to charity.

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W.I. Meeting 14th November

The meeting opened with a talk from 3 lovely people who came to talk to us from the Florence Nightingale Hospice at Stoke Mandeville.  We all knew it exsted, but we were able to learn a great deal about how it started and particularly how the  patients were looked after in every way possible.  As well as those who are suffering terminal illnesses, their family and friends could also always find someone who would listen when they needed someone to talk to.

Following the talk we had to get down to discussing the sad fact that our W.I. will be holding its last meeting on December 12th when our branch will be suspended, due to a shortage of not just members but those who could take on the committee.  W.I. Adviser Linda Nicholls will be coming to advise us on all the procedures required for this to go ahead.

W.I . Cuddington 2017 – Young Carers Bucks

We have continued to collect coppers (no coinage refused) and we have received some very generous donations for Young Carers, Bucks.  By the end of 2016 the total given was £2,335.  We thank everyone for their support and will continue with this collection which the young people greatly appreciate.