Cuddington | Buckinghamshire

Women’s Institute

The W.I. meets in the Playing Fields Clubhouse on the second Tuesday of each month at 2.30pm.

We are a small but active and very friendly W.I.  The first half hour or so of each meeting comes under the heading "business".  This covers minutes, looking at the monthly Bucks NFWI magazine which gives information on the many and varied activities both in Bucks and Nationally, and a general exchange of info that affects our members.

This is followed by our speaker, chosen by our committee to entertain us in all kinds of different ways. (See  calendar for speakers.)

Finally we all have tea and biscuits (at Christmas time a lot more than biscuits!) and we usually go home around 5 o'clock.

We are always looking for new members to join us, which can be arranged at any time of year although the normal subscription goes from January to December.

In addition if anyone would like to come and join us for one meeting, perhaps they have an interest in a particular speaker for example, this can be arranged for a small fee.

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Talk 11th April “Aylesbury Vale Chaplaincy”

I don’t think many of us were aware of this charity run by the Church, but Catherine and Mark are amazing volunteers and were able to tell us about what they do, accompanied by some most interesting slides.  Along with other volunteers they are there to offer support and re-assurance to anyone in the town at any time.  In particular Mark, a member of “Street Angels”, is out overnight in areas around pubs, clubs, restaurants etc. to give practical assistance to anyone who needs help.  They joined us after their talk with tea and biscuits and a chance for us all to chat.

Young Carers Bucks

The W.I. thanks its members, their families and our friends in the village for supporting the Copper Collection for Young Carers Bucks. 

The collection started in 2007 and we make a donation each year, usually in  November, and the total raised up to November 2014 was £1,785.

Young Carers Bucks has a team of professionals and helpers who support children.  These children have, for various reasons, taken on the responsibility for their families.  Some of the children are as young as 5 or 6 years old.  All the children are given practical and social support.

Our W.I. are glad to be of some help.

Variety of W.I. Interests

Bucks Federation of W.I. organised a most interesting day of Science and Discovery at the Oculus in Aylesbury on 4th March.  Three people attended from Cuddington to hear speakers on Cancer Research, World Wide Web, Nanotechnology and Medical Detection Dogs.  The speakers were excellent, inspiring the listenersand there were many questions.  The day was organised to a high standard and greatly enhanced by the dogs’ presence at the afternoon session!