Despatch from the Observatory – 20 June 2015

Twelve intrepid souls set off from the Lower Green at 4 am this morning on the Ruby Small Sunrise Walk. Forty five minutes later, we arrived at the top of Winchendon Hill for a welcome cup and homemade biscuits provided by Sherry and her team at the Observatory.

The clouds parted; at sunrise a reddish sun shone clearly for us for a few minutes before once again being hidden. The quiet beauty of Aylesbury Vale spread out before us, with our village tucked up peacefully in the trees.

The walk back is downhill, helpful at that stage to this older fellow; home at 6am having walked 3.69 miles, 10668 steps.

Our thanks to Liz Davies and the Sunshine Club for arranging the Walk, and to the farmers for looking after the footpaths. 

Long may the tradition last.

Stephen Turner

PS Climb total measured 276 ft  (331 calories burnt)    Lower Green 220 ft above sea level           Observatory 428 ft