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Sunshine Club

Welcome to the Cuddington, Chearsley and Nether Winchendon Sunshine Club.




Cuddington Sunrise Walk

The Sunrise Walk, which marks midsummer, is a venerable Cuddington tradition.  Since 1970, when villagers first walked up through the early morning fields to the Observatory at Upper Winchendon to see the sun rise over the vale, early-risers have left their beds to join in this adventure.  This year it’s on Saturday 23rd June, starting at 4am from the Lower Green.  Arrival at the observatory around 4.45am should coincide with the first sight of the sun’s disc rising above the skyline – hopefully an absence of clouds!  Refreshments await as you stand at the top of the world and enjoy the spectacular view with the Chilterns on the horizon.  We can offer lifts up or down if you don’t fancy the whole circuit – and you can be back home by 6.30!  It’s healthy exercise and in beautiful scenery – so why not come along this year?!  Any queries to Angela Wenham 291 932.